Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ode Magazine Takes Note of Contribution to The Innocence Revolution

Joe Witte's efforts to boost The Innocence Revolution have landed him in the pages of Ode Magazine as an "Intelligent Optimist." Witte, the co-founder of Mycroburst, generously donated his company's services to create a logo for The Innocence Revolution.

Mycroburst, as referenced in a previous post, is a competitive, crowdsourcing graphics design service in which designers "compete" for prize money provided by the client. However, in the case of The Innocence Revolution, Witte waived all costs and provided the contest - which resulted in the existing logo - at no charge.

Impressed by his contributions and generosity, The Innocence Revolution's executive director Jill Starishevsky nominated Witte as an "Intelligent Optimist," and Ode concurred that he deserved such an honor, running a story in its May issue. (See the story here.)

The 18-year-old San Francisco-based magazine, which features positive news from around the globe, will change its name to The Optimist in the fall.