Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ode Magazine Takes Note of Contribution to The Innocence Revolution

Joe Witte's efforts to boost The Innocence Revolution have landed him in the pages of Ode Magazine as an "Intelligent Optimist." Witte, the co-founder of Mycroburst, generously donated his company's services to create a logo for The Innocence Revolution.

Mycroburst, as referenced in a previous post, is a competitive, crowdsourcing graphics design service in which designers "compete" for prize money provided by the client. However, in the case of The Innocence Revolution, Witte waived all costs and provided the contest - which resulted in the existing logo - at no charge.

Impressed by his contributions and generosity, The Innocence Revolution's executive director Jill Starishevsky nominated Witte as an "Intelligent Optimist," and Ode concurred that he deserved such an honor, running a story in its May issue. (See the story here.)

The 18-year-old San Francisco-based magazine, which features positive news from around the globe, will change its name to The Optimist in the fall.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Have You Joined the Revolution?

It’s exciting and encouraging to see so many people from around the world reaching out to be a part of The Innocence Revolution: A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse. This is a tremendous, history-making event that can truly bring lasting change. As we work to create events and educational programs for April 14, 2013, we know that it will take the efforts of millions of people around the world to make it happen. We also have seen, already, the enthusiasm of those who are eager to be a part of this world-changing revolution.

Right now, you might find yourself wanting to be involved, but you’re not quite sure how you can help. Remember that big change starts with small actions, and everything you do to help the cause of The Innocence Revolution makes a difference. As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Getting involved is as simple as emailing us at TheInnocenceRevolution@gmail.com and letting us know your city, state and country. (If you’re part of an organization, let us know that, too.) As you commit to The Innocence Revolution, there are simple ways to join in this initiative:
  • Talk about it. Tell your friends about this groundbreaking event, and encourage them to be a part of it.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@theinnocencerev) to remain up to date on new ideas and events. Ask your friends to follow us, too!
  • Visit this blog regularly to get ideas for events or to connect with others in your area.
  • Share your thoughts. Do you have an innovative idea for an event that others might want to try? We want to hear about it! 
  • Contact local organizations in your area - such as your local Children's Advocacy Center - to gain their support.
In the weeks to come, we'll offer specific ideas about how you can create events, get volunteers to help you and more. For now, welcome to The Innocence Revolution: A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mycroburst Stands Tall (http://www.mycroburst.com/)

WIth the birth of the internet, child sexual abuse became a global issue. As a result of the internet, we can no longer end child sexual abuse anywhere without ending it everywhere. The Innocence Revolution: a Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse, (theinnocencerevolution.org) is the launching event of a movement. Slated for April 2013, this event is a global response to the need for unification, not just of child sexual abuse organizations and government agencies, but of states, countries, and individuals from all walks of life and in every industry. The Innocence Revolution is a call-to-action for the complete eradication of child sexual abuse globally.

Child abuse is an under-acknowledged issue. We don't talk about it enough and we give even less time, money, and energy to it. Most people think it can't end, and act accordingly, which is to say that most people do nothing. MycroBurst's cofounders, Joe Witte and Zaheer Dodhia, are not those kind of people. We want to acknowledge their pioneering spirit, because it matters.

MycroBurst is a small business. They create a competition-based, crowdsourcing graphic design service where winning designers can earn prize monies set by the client. MycroBurst generously donated their services to the core planning committee of The Innocence Revolution (theinnocencerevolution.org), a Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse. They helped us build a unified global logo and message for a movement that will finally take us beyond the mere toleration of child sexual abuse and give children a voice to create a world free of child sexual abuse. MycroBurst's commitment to this issue is helping us make a lasting impact on a global level.

The Innocence Revolution recognizes Joe Witte, Zaheer Dodhia, and MycroBurst for their philanthropy, and for being a model of corporate courage willing to engage with society's most challenging social issue. MycroBurst's action is an example of how one small business can make a big difference.